Thank you for your interest in the Adopt-An-Access Program. 

Adopt-An-Access provides opportunities for groups and individuals to adopt Missouri stream and lake accesses.  It's a great way to provide a valuable community service and to develop cooperative relationships with agencies that are responsible for maintaining the accesses.  We all benefit from reduced agency costs for maintenance; cleaner, safer accesses; and increased interaction between agencies and the surrounding community.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Adopt-An-Access Program.'

How do I get started?

You can find information about Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) accesses at the MDC Atlas Website.   Please contact the appropriate Regional Office, Area Manager, or Stream Team coordinator to talk about a possible adoption. Coordinators Map

The Adoption Agreement offers several options for providing maintenance at the access.  The agreement offers flexibility for the adopter and the area manager to arrive at conditions that are mutually beneficial.  The Area Manager will be happy to meet with you to discuss these options and determine the extent to which you are able to participate.  If the adopter is a group, it's important that the person who will be the primary contact with the Area Manager participate in the discussion. 

What are some of the benefits?

Adopters automatically become Stream Teams, unless they elect not to when completing the adoption agreement.   As a Stream Team, you become eligible for numerous additional benefits.  Teams can receive a wide variety of incentive items, including T-shirts, bandanas, pens, pencils, patches, and more.  Supplies for litter pickups, storm drain stenciling, and other activities are also provided.  Training and equipment is provided for Teams interested in Water Quality Monitoring. Other workshops are frequently offered, including Tree Planning, Law and Advocacy, Understanding Streams, Fish and Crayfish Identification, and Conducting Litter Pickups.

Already an Adopter?

Find out how to renew your agreement here: Renew an AAA Agreement