The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program and the Missouri Stream Teams are in the process of implementing a new program titled Cooperative Stream Investigations (CSI). This program will foster cooperation between the MDNR , Watershed Management Committees and Volunteers in performing sampling for special projects. The primary (but not only) focus of CSI sampling will be E. coli. CSI volunteers will be trained to Stream Team level 2 or higher, and have submitted consistent and credible data. Volunteers will also attend the MDNR’s Basic Sampling training. They will be trained, along with agency personnel, on the proper protocols for collecting and handling of environmental samples, transportation to a qualified laboratory and proper use of the chain of custody. The department will provide appropriate sample containers and sample will analyses will be performed by the MDNR State Environmental Laboratory or an MDNR authorized laboratory.

Contact Stream Team at streamteam@dnr.mo.gov to learn more!

CSI Procedures

MICROInvertebrate Sampling