Monofilament Recycling Recovery Program

Attention All Monofilament Recyclers

Monofilament Recycling Bin Modification


Berkeley Pure Fishing recycles used monofilament fishing line and turns it into underwater fish structures, tackle boxes, and other fishing related items. The Stream Team Program partnered with Berkeley in the fall of 2005 to recycle used fishing line. Used fishing line poses a hazard to people, wildlife, the environment, and even boat props. The Stream Team Program has 150 PVC recycling bins and will offer them completely assembled to Stream Team members who have the passion and the commitment to become an MRRP monitor.
In order to keep track of bins that will be located throughout the state, the Stream Team Program will need a volunteer agreement to help us keep accurate records and to be sure you understand the obligation you are accepting regarding the MRRP sites you maintain.

What it takes to get involved in this important program:
1. Obtain permission from the Area Manager of any MDC Accesses, Parks and Recreation Superintendent for city lakes or accesses, private land owners, or any entity with the authority to allow the installation of a bin on the property in order to establish an outdoor bin site.
2. Completely fill out and return the Missouri Volunteer Agreement and indicate how many bins you want.
3. Maintain the bin by emptying it one or two times a month (or more often if needed, especially during peak fishing seasons).
4. Complete an Activity Report each time the bin is emptied. Activity Reports are available in every issue of our Channels newsletter, online, or hard copies can be mailed to you upon request. Send completed Activity Reports to:Missouri Stream Team, PO Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180.
5. Mail collected and cleaned (remove vegetation, lead, hooks, debris, etc.) monofilament line only to: Berkley Recycling, 1900 18th Street, Spirit Lake, IA 51360-1041, or find an MRRP indoor receptacle/mailing box at a participating fishing and sporting goods store in your community.