There are many publications available to help Stream Teams with their projects.  Please feel free to print and use these brochures, and be sure to check out the Award Winning Stream Team Newsletter, Channels

If you have problems downloading these brochures, please contact Stream Team with your request, and they will be mailed to you.

Form a Missouri Stream Team - Information and Registration for starting your own Stream Team

Now that I am a Stream Team, What's Next?- A step-by-step list of things a new Stream Team can start doing on their own

Hello Streamside Landowner - Streamside Property Owner Permission Request

Stream Team Inventory Guide - How to assess the problems and opportunities for improving your adopted stream

Stream Team Associations - A group of Stream Teams working together on projects that affect their adopted streams

Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring - Citizens can learn about water quality and get involved in one of the Program's most popular activities

Storm Drain Stenciling - How to plan and conduct stenciling projects in your community

Understanding Streams- How channels, riparian areas, and floodplains interact within a watershed, with a list of what you can do to help streams

Be River Wise - Safety rules for river and stream activities

Stream Team Float Outfitters Discount Directory - For Stream Teams only

Classic Stream Problems, New Stream Solutions - Innovative solutions for common stream problems

Restoring Stream Banks With Willows - How to use willow trees for living streambank stabilization

Building and Using a Stream Table - How to build and use a hands-on model stream

A Landowner's Guide to Sand and Gravel Removal - Guide to removing sand and gravel with minimal stream impact

A Guide for Stream Teams Working with Agricultural Landowners - Tips for getting to know the landowners along your adopted stream and ideas for working effectively with them

Managing Stream-Side Forests - Benefits and how you can help improve this valuable resource

How to Conduct a Litter Pickup - A how-to brochure on organizing a stream litter pickup event

Waste Tire Disposal Factsheet - Information on options avaiable to Stream Teams for tire disposal

Tire Disposal Reimbursement Form- How to be reimbursed for tire disposal

What Happened to the Stream in My Backyard - Only you can prevent the effects of urbanization from occuring and eroding your streams

Tree Revetments for Streambank Stabilization - How to use cedar trees for streambank stabilization

Blue Bug Card - An identification chart of macroinvertebrates

Key to Macroinvertebrates - An identification chart of macroinvertebrates

Water Quality Monitoring Macroinvertebrates Chart - A character identification chart of macroinvertebrates

Zebra Mussel Monitoring Guide - How Stream Teams can help track the status of Missouri's latest threat to streams and lakes

Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species - How VWQM Volunteers can take steps to reduce their spread 

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