Water Quality

Didymosphenia geminata: Algal blooms in oligotrophic streams and rivers

Land-Use Effects on Water Quality of a First-Order Stream in the Ozark Highlands, Mid-Southern United States.

Science Notes: Mercury Monitoring in Fish using a Non-Lethal Biopsy Method

A comparison of algal, macrovertebrate, and fish assemblage indices for assessing low-level nutrient enrichment in wadeable Ozark streams.

2007 Fish Contaminant Report

EPA Nutrient Criteria Rivers and Streams

Natural Background Concentrations of Nutrients in Streams and Rivers of the Conterminous United States

Relationships among Nutrients, Chlorophyll-a, and Dissolved Oxygen in
Agricultural Streams in Illinois

Eutrophication of US Freshwaters

Economic damages from nutrient pollution

Biological Criteria for Wadeable/Perennial Streams of Missouri

Missouri Pollution and Fish Kill Investigations 2003

Science Notes: Attitudes, Awareness, and Actions of Residents in Hinkson Creek Watershed  About Water Quality

The Importance of Protecting Vulnerable Streams and Wetlands at the Local Level