We have developed other training sessions (Stream Team Academy) for our volunteers.  These were developed to enhance the volunteers’ understanding of stream ecosystems. 

These include:
Advocacy Workshop
Agriculture Institute (a combined Understanding Streams Workshop and Introductory VWQM workshop for Ag teachers)
Crayfish Identification
Fish Identification
Fly Fishing for Invert Nuts
Hellbender Workshop
Herpetology Workshop
Mussel Workshop
Sediment Workshop
Stream Team Curriculum Workshop
Understanding Streams Workshop (discusses hydrology/stream dynamics, etc.)
Water and the Law
How to Build a Plywood Canoe Workshop
GPS Workshop

Almost all of our training sessions are limited to one day.  The exceptions are the Understanding Streams and Herpetology Academy classes (3 days and 2 days, respectively).

Please contact us if you have any questions: