Wright City Elementary Stream Team

Greater Ozarks Audubon

Missouri River Communities Network: Mission is to preserve and restore the historic, cultural and natural resources of the Missouri River and its surrounding communities, and to encourage citizen participation in these endeavors.

Bryant Watershed Education Project:  A nonprofit organization promoting active learning and place-based education in south central Missouri.

Greenway Network, Inc.: Mission is to conserve natural resources, encourage sound management of the watersheds, and protect the quality of life for the residents of the St. Louis Region.

Open Space Council of Greater St. Louis:  Through the preservation of open Lands, the Open Space Council guarantees residents, visitors and future generations a more enjoyable, health and sustainable environment.

Missouri River Relief: Conducts education and  litter pickup events at various stretches of the Missouri River. 

Blue River Watershed Association: The Blue River Watershed Association is a nonprofit, grassroots community organization that engages Kansas Citians in protecting and restoring the Blue River Watershed.

Scenic Rivers Stream Team Association: Dedicated to a Clean and Healthy Ozark Environment

Missouri Scenic Rivers: Current River, Jacks Fork and Eleven Point River related, maps, camping and more!

Missouri Stream Team 888: Monitoring Maline Creek in St. Louis County since June 1997.

Missouri State University Stream Team: Students at Missouri State University test Bull Creek in Springfield.

Reeds Spring Stream Team 432

Spring River LaRussell Access No. 6812; Team 2945: Eastern Jasper County residents help keep LaRussell Access looking good.

South Grand River Watershed Alliance: A nonprofit group whose mission is to educate and involve the members of the community in preserving, restoring and protecting the waters and aquatic habitat of our South Grand River Watershed.

Friends of Labarque Creek: A non-profit organization dedicated to community activities for preserving and improving the healthy, natural state of this unique area.

River des Peres Watershed Coalition: The River des Peres Coalition aims to improve, protect, and maintain the River des Peres and its watersheds as a vital natural and cultural resource in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Show Me Volunteers: This site is dedicated to all the Stream Team volunteers and is a place for them to leave comments and pictues about their activities.

Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center Stream Team #3714: We are volunteers from many different backgrounds but all have an interest in preserving water quality.