How do I get the word out about events my Team has planned?

You can alert other Stream Teams by adding your event to the online calendar. You can also contact any of our staff by phone or e-mail with a request to include your event in the Channels Calendar of Events or to run a special feature article (allow several weeks notice for newsletter items; we are ready for printing approximately one month before the issue hits mailboxes).

Within your community, contact local newspapers, radio and television stations for free community advertising. You can also prepare a “press release” which contains contact information as well as the four Ws (who, what, when, where) and a brief write-up about your event. Mail, fax, or e-mail your local media outlets and ask for coverage. Make follow-up calls to the same outlets to see if they have questions and ask if they can provide coverage for your event. Finally, posters and flyers in locations frequented by like-minded citizens are also an easy and free way to spread awareness. Now-a-days you might also work to establish an e-mail group or blog of interested citizens in your community and ask them to forward the message on!

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