Volunteers who have successfully completed the Level 1 workshop and submitted both Visual Survey and Water Chemistry data are eligible to attend a Level 2 workshop.  The Level 2 workshop is a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Workshop in a laboratory setting. 

  1. Attending a Level 2 workshop allows the volunteer to: 
  2. Check their chemical monitoring equipment to ensure it is functioning properly,
  3. Improve their chemical monitoring techniques, and
  4. Improve their ability to correctly identify macroinvertebrates by obtaining assistance identifying unknown invertebrates from their streams and confirming identification of invertebrates in their reference collection.

These workshops are usually offered during the winter of each year (January – March).

Once a volunteer attends a Level 2 QAQC training, we have higher confidence in their methods, technique, and commitment, so the confidence in the data are elevated and are often used to supplement agency data. They may be utilized to evaluate best management practices and as supplemental data for planning and permitting. They are also included in the semi-annual 305b report to EPA. This is a significant achievement, and something other Programs across the nation are working towards!!

Due to the elevated confidence in these data, we always want to ensure we are providing the highest quality data to the sponsoring agencies and all other data users. To reach this goal and to increase confidence in the data the Program will be requiring individuals to have their equipment checked at least once every three years in order to continue to maintain quality assurance and confidence in data collected by Level 2 and 3 volunteers.

Volunteers can either attend one of our regularly scheduled Level 2 trainings, or one of the new Validation Trainings. This Validation Training will be a shorter 2½ hour session held during the evening. This training is critical to ensure that your equipment is functioning properly and your reagents are viable. Individuals that have previously attended a Level 2 or higher training will have until the end of 2013 to attend one of these trainings. We are confident this will also increase the volunteers’ confidence in their own abilities by providing additional opportunities to practice the chemical monitoring techniques, receiving new reagents, and ensuring their kits are functioning properly.

Individuals who do not attend one of the Validation Trainings or a Level 2 workshop within a three year period are still encouraged to collect and submit their VWQM Data. These data will still be used, but not to the same degree.

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Candidate Streams for Volunteer Monitoring Projects

Schedule and Registration Info: Level 2

VWQM Level 2 Schedule

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Schedule and Registration Info: Validation

VWQM Validation Schedule

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The entire workshop will be held indoors. The morning will be spent analyzing water samples using the chemical equipment you were issued after your Level 1 class, SO BE SURE TO BRING ALL YOUR CHEMICAL MONITORING EQUIPMENT and ensure your pH meter is properly hydrated just before you attend. The afternoon will be spent improving your aquatic invertebrate identification skills. A short evaluation will follow to help establish baseline information on the accuracy of volunteer biological data.  Due to the high demand and limited space for these classes, individuals under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a sponsoring adult in order to attend.

Class size will be limited and is filled on a first come first serve basis.

If you are interested in attending the Level 2 workshop or Validation workshop, please print out and complete the Registration Form and return it to:

Karen Westin
Water Protection Program
P.O. Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176


Register Online and you will receive a confirmation letter that contains detailed information about class locations and times approximately 2 weeks before the workshop.  If you attended a workshop in the past and would like to refresh yourself with water quality monitoring procedures, please feel free to register and attend.  However, please understand, first priority will be given to those individuals attending the Intro workshop for the first time.

Email Karen Westin at: Karen.Westin@dnr.mo.gov or
Call Stream Team Voice Mail: 1-800-781-1989