A volunteer who has successfully completed the Level 2 Workshop is eligible for Level 3 evaluation.  Those volunteers who regularly submit all four data sets may be the most comfortable pursuing a Level 3 audit. 

The designation of Level 3 indicates that program personnel have evaluated the volunteer in the field at their monitoring site.  In order to pass a Level 3 audit, the volunteer must successfully demonstrate all of the procedures and techniques learned up to that point, as well as be able to identify all of the invertebrates at their site to Order. 

This evaluation is scheduled through appointment only.  It is strongly recommended that the volunteer request evaluation during a time of year they regularly sample macroinvertebrates.  By doing so, the volunteer ensures the highest level of familiarity and confidence identifying the types and seasonally-changing sizes of invertebrates in their stream.

Contact Stream Team at streamteam@dnr.mo.gov to learn more!