Did you attend a Stream Team Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Workshop, with the full intention of using the equipment provided to monitor a stream in which you were interested, but…

  1. “Life happened” and you never got around to getting out?
  2. You wanted to get out, but were a bit overwhelmed after the workshop and didn’t have enough confidence to do it on your own?
  3. You actually got out and sampled, but weren’t confident in your results so you didn’t turn in the data?
  4. You just want a review of the field methods covered in class?

It’s okay if you identify with any of these, you are not alone!  The Stream Team VWQM Program will be offering review sessions to mentor individuals that have attended an Introductory Level and/or Level 1 Workshop.  These sessions will increase your confidence, encourage submission of much needed data on our Missouri streams, and help ready you for advanced levels of training so your data is more often utilized!

Review sessions will be held at field locations across the state, weather permitting.  If you are interested in attending one, give us a shout and let us know you plan to be there!


Schedule and RSVP Info

Contact the coordinator incharge of the session you wish to attend to get more information about the location and to have your name added to the RSVP list of attendees.

VWQM Review Session Schedule

Location Maps

We will review how to collect and identify the invertebrates, conduct stream discharge, and review the chemical parameters (temperature, dissolved oxygen, nitrates, pH, specific conductance, and turbidity).  We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Visual Survey, site selection and identification, and invertebrates in your reference collection.

Don’t see a review session schedule for your area?  Let us know and we can work on getting something set up. 

For more details contact Susan Higgins, Missouri Department of Natural Resources by phone at 573/526-1002 or email Susan.Higgins@dnr.mo.gov or Call Stream Team Voice Mail: 1-800-781-1989