Are you ready to attend the Level 1 Training???


Have you:

Option 1

  1. Attended an Introductory Level Workshop after 2008.
  2. Submitted your GREEN Site Selection Datasheet.
  3. Submitted your Stream Discharge Datasheet.
  4. Recieved your Biological Monitoring Equipment.
  5. Submitted your Biological Monitoring Datasheet.

Option 2

  1. Attended an Introductory Level Workshop prior to 2009.
  2. Submitted your Visual Survey Datasheet.
  3. Submitted your Biological Monitoring Datasheet.



If you have completed one of these options you are eligible to attend the Level 1 Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Workshop.


Schedule and Registration Info

VWQM Level 1 Schedule

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Printable Registration Form

The workshop consists of 6 hours of classroom instruction and 1-2 hours on a stream to demonstrate sampling techniques.  Chemical Monitoring, Visual Survey and a review of Macroinvertebrate sampling techniques will be covered at the Level 1 workshops.

In order to attend the Level 1 workshop you must have completed an Introductory Level workshop, conducted and submitted a site selection datasheet, stream discharge and biological data you collected.  If you have not submitted your data, you can submit it with the registration form for the Level 1 workshops.  Due to the high demand and limited space for these classes, individuals under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a sponsoring adult in order to attend.

Class size will be limited and is filled on a first come first serve basis.

If you are interested in attending the Level 1 workshop, please print out and complete the Registration Form and return it to:

Karen Westin
Water Protection Program
P.O. Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176


Register Online and you will receive a confirmation letter that contains detailed information about class locations and times approximately 2 weeks before the workshop.  If you attended an Level 1 workshop in the past and would like to refresh yourself with water quality monitoring procedures, please feel free to register and attend.  However, please understand, first priority will be given to those individuals attending the Level 1 workshop for the first time.

Email Karen Westin at: or
Call Stream Team Voice Mail: 1-800-781-1989