Stash-Your-Trash for Missouri Outfitters


What is the Stash Your Trash program?

Stash Your Trash provides red mesh litter bags at no cost to float outfitters and other businesses that support stream recreation. These bags are given by the business to patrons to collect trash and keep the river clean. This program is funded by the Missouri Department of Conservation and is administered through Missouri Stream Team.


How do I receive litter bags with Stash Your Trash?

Simply register your business here using the on-line registration form. You will have an option to request bags in the registration form, which will be delivered in 2-3 weeks.


Once you are registered as a Stash Your Trash outfitter, you will receive an order form via email near the end of the float season. Bags ordered during this time will be shipped at the beginning of the following float season.


What is the Float Outfitters Discount Directory?

Many outfitters offer discounts to Stream Team volunteers. These outfitters are published with an optional ad in the Stream Team Float Outfitters Discount Directory. The discount and terms are determined by the business. To view the current directory click here.


What is a Stream Team and how do I form one?

A Stream Team is a group of people who care about Missouri Streams. Training and expertise is provided by biologists at no charge to help with stream projects, including litter cleanups, tree plantings, water quality monitoring, and much more. Stash Your Trash outfitters are encouraged to form a Stream Team to increase access to resources and volunteers to protect our rivers. You can easily start a Stream Team here.



Thank you for doing your part to stop litter at its source and to stash your trash in a red mesh litter bag. You are helping to keep our stream resources beautiful! We depend on the outfitters to get the bags into the hands (and canoes) of stream floaters.


If you are a float outfitter and would like more information on the Stash Your Trash or Stream Team program, please email or call 800-781-1989.




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